It's no secret that filmmaking remains a male dominated industry. Without women writing, directing, and working behinds the scenes, we'll continue to be fed films with flimsy, one dimensional female characters and damaging depictions of women. It's time to put your money (and your clicks) where your mouth is. Stephanie Wain is a undergrad studying film at Penn State, and she has the opportunity to make her feature length film a reality (this is almost unheard of for an undergraduate). Donate to her IndieGoGo campaign, and vote for "Stones We Throw" on IndieWire's 'Project of the Week.' [vimeo]

WEEKEND RAGE READS: From Eve to the Oscars.

Quantifying the Oscar's Woman Problem"I decided to cross-reference 80-plus years of data on acting nominations and best picture nods to see if any patterns emerged. The gender differences were surprisingly distinct... Films with meaty roles for women are, by and large, considered lower caliber by the Academy."

Conservative Christianity & Victim Blaming Explained "Fundamentalist Christianity is positively obsessed with the idea that female sexuality is the source most of the nation’s woes...When you see sex as the problem, it becomes hard to see rape as anything but another sexual sin. If you see women as the controllers of sex and the people who have the responsibility of enforcing chastity, then the natural conclusion is that rape is caused by women."

Texas' New Abortion Law Causes Women to go to Extremes Women are crossing state lines, turning to illegal alternatives, AND due to a lack of clear guidelines, clinics are turning away women who qualify for legal abortions, because they are so scared of breaking the law. Editor's note: HUGE SURPRISE!

How Tennessee Could Turn Rape into an 'Invisible Crime' Protecting the identities of rape victims from the media prevents harassment and shaming by peers and the community, but does it make an already underrepresented crime disappear further from public view? This is tricky issue, what do you think?

Is Non-Monogomy Right for You? Leave it to Rookie Mag to post one of the first and only sensible, non-judgmental explorations into this important issue of modern love.

Marco Rubio: His cup hath runneth over.

By Amber Chandler MarcoRubio_web

From refusing to sign the Violence Against Women Act, opposing marriage equality, and supporting restrictions on access to birth control and abortion, Marco Rubio is a grade-A asshole. Keep your eye on this Florida Senator, because he's gearing up for a Presidential run in 2016. This regressive dipshit believes that unmarried women are the biggest contributor to poverty, thus earning a spot on our list of "Enemies of the Grrrl State."

-------------------- Which asshole public figure do YOU think we should add to our list? Send your submissions to

Lookin’ Ass Nigga: A Hip Hop Anthem for Women

by Mehgan Abdelmassih NickiMinaj

Nicki Minaj’s “Lookin Ass Nigga” has made men the silent dancers and twerkers in hip hop videos. The song has finally given us ladies a beat to work with in the club where we can shake our asses with absolute attitude. Finally, we have that one anthem that has nothing to do with being a single lady, but rather a song that points out a reality that men and women know exist, but one that neither party, especially women, do not explicitly and publically broadcast in a rap song.

Ms. Minaj, I am going to totally assume that you anticipated a response from a male rapper, known or unknown in the community, to your song. I am going to also assume that Cassidy’s response did not faze you, because honestly, it did not faze me.

(Nicki's Song w/ Lyrics / Cassidy's Version w/ Lyrics)

Cassidy released “Lookin Ass Bitches” a couple of days after Minaj’s song debuted. While Minaj’s song focuses on calling out men who show-off, brag, and straight up lie about their non-existent exotic and lavish lifestyles, Cassidy’s song focuses on female sexuality, and basically, nothing else.

My favorite line from Cassidy’s remix would have to be, “They whore ass bitches, coming out they panties to/get a mani and pedicure ass bitches.” And my favorite line from Minaj’s would have to be, “Even if that nigga flew me and my bitches all the all the way out to Dubai/Pussy, you tried, pussy ass nigga you lied.” Compare and contrast these two lines against each other, and it certainly demonstrates how the two rappers rely on different aspects of the ideal male and female individual. And while Cassidy’s song reduces females to an untamable sexual object, which is commonplace in hip hop culture, Minaj’s attacks the very core of the male ego: his biz-nass.

And Cassidy did not shock me nor did he impress me, because the very lines he threw out there have already been said. Hell, DJ Self made it the catch phrase in “Yeah OK”. Remember it? “Your Instagram is a liar.”

Even if my assumption was wrong about you anticipating backlash, Ms. Minaj, I certainly anticipated a response from the male audience. I actually had high hopes for it, too. But I am glad that I can rock out to your song in 1OAK rather than a song that says that, “If he liked it then he shoulda put a ring on it,” because all that song really did was perpetuate that age-ol’ idea that us women are, at the end of the day, just some gals trying to get hitched.

And yeah, if they play Cassidy’s remix in the club, I will probably dance to it, just like I dance to “No Hands” by Waka Flocka Flame, “Sweat” by Bow Wow, and Chris Brown’s “Loyal”. These songs all do the same thing Cassidy’s did: call out women for being big ol’ schemin’ hoes. Fortunately, I personally surround myself with women who are intellectually capable of overlooking the sexist lyrics that plague hip-hop, and instead, focus on the quality of the beat.

But honestly, thank you. We gals needed that song. Beat, lyrics, and guns.


BOYS WILL BE BOYSThe Montana state Justice Department has a BIG problem with its treatment of sexual assaults. From quoting bible verses at victims (and not in a comforting 'love thy neighbor' way), to dismissing the rape of a 5 year old girl with a claim of "Boys will be boys."

UNJUSTIFIED: Jessica Williams on the Michael Dunn trial "The Dunn verdict is really the cherry on top of the shit sundae that is black history month."

CAN WENDY DAVIS HAVE IT ALL? Although that headlines makes me want to set something on fire, this is a pretty good overview of Davis' achievements as a legislator so far, and the unjust scrutiny she faces as a female democrat in a deep red state. Also worth a read, this analysis on how the personal and family lives of women politicians are STILL subject to a ridiculous level of scrutiny.

THE DARK POWER OF FRATERNITIES A (long) but interesting peek into the organizations that were the starting place of an obscene number of CEOs, senators, and presidents. Also, this undeniable gem of historic douche-baggery: An 1857 letter that a Sigma Phi member named Jenkins Holland sent to one of his fraternity brothers suggests the new system was already hitting full stride: “I did get one of the nicest pieces of ass some day or two ago.”

HOW NOT TO GET RAPED According to major media outlets: Wear a jumpsuit, don't get drunk, make eye contact, don't make eye contact, be escorted by a dog at all times.


A flipbook by Kaleena [vimeo]

Dedicated to a slightly* sexist professor who didn't understand my solution to his assignment to "transform something into something." I never changed it.

So here's to "being a bitch" by not changing my flipbook, and to all my bitches who understand what this video is about


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*this is not a thing, you can't be slightly sexist, don't ever use this damn adjective like this ever.