[vimeo http://vimeo.com/61712542] A film by Kelly Gallagher (2013)

I AM THE MACE is an experimental short film exploring militant feminist resistance. As the female speaker makes a direct address to the camera and prospective street harassers, she aggressively proclaims and protects her personal space while making known that she will do whatever it takes, including violent resistance, to defend her space and herself against the violence of sexual street harassment. With a nuanced aesthetic, fluctuating between oil painted animation and live action direct address to the camera, "I AM THE MACE" forces the viewer to choose sides (would you attack a sexual harasser if given the opportunity and tools? Are you pro-armed resistance or not?) This fleeting moving image, allows viewers to reflect upon how they've handled past street harassment situations, how they'll handle future street harassment situations, and where they stand on the topic of armed resistance.

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