2014_Cinematek_FebMar_ms45_613x463 copyThis month, The Brooklyn Academy of Music is hosting a film series called "Vengeance is Hers." "From "screwball proto-feminism to witchy gothic horror to cerebral auteurist classics, this series gathers some of cinema’s most unforgettable heroines and anti-heroines as they seize control and take no prisoners. Seen through the eyes of some of the world’s greatest directors, including female filmmakers like Chantal Akerman and Kathryn Bigelow, these films explore the full gamut of cinematic retribution in all its thrilling, unnerving dimensions."

This Saturday, (February 8th) some MADDD GRRRLs (and boys) are getting together to see Ms. 45; a film set in 1980's New York. After being brutally attacked, the protagonist has her murderous revenge, killing off a good portion of Manhattan's male population. While MADDD GRRRL does not support actual murder, we do support watching badass fictional ladies going on righteous killing sprees. Watch this trailer and tell me it doesn't look awesome...


Want to join? Meet us at Mo's Fort Greene at 8:30pm for some drinks and discussion. Email, or just look for the loudest group of girls & a hot pink scarf. See you there!


Mo's Fort Greene, Saturday, February 8, 8:30pm 80 Lafayette Ave (between Elliott Pl & Portland Ave),  Brooklyn

BAM Rose Cinemas, Saturday, February 8, 9:30pm 30 Lafayette Ave (between Ashland Pl & St Felix St), Brooklyn