WEEKEND RAGE READS: DicksDicksDicks Edition

LinksImage_020714 Your Friends and Rapists: How Dick Culture Permits the Crime "No matter how many Americans are murdered every year... we don’t talk of “murder culture.” We talk of “gun culture.” Accordingly, when we talk about rape, we should rage not against “rape culture” but against “dick culture.” Every man with a dick believes he is a responsible dick-owner. Dicks don’t kill people, he says. You can’t take away our dicks. Yet there are always so many “accidents!” ... you have to admit: a ban on dicks seems like the most pragmatic solution."

4 Ways to Push Back Against your Privilege "If you are a person with a lot of privilege (i.e. a white, straight, able-bodied, class-privileged, cisgender male or any combination of two or more of those) and you call yourself being against oppression, then it should be part of your regular routine to sit the hell down and shut the eff up." 

Google, Tell Me: Is My Son a Genius? "My study of anonymous, aggregate data from Google searches suggests that contemporary American parents are far more likely to want their boys smart and their girls skinny."

Hate Lena Dunham? You'll Love Llewyn Davis! "Male writers and directors are thought to be creating characters and art while female writers and show runners are presumed to be passing around copies of their dream journals at staff meetings. "

I Believe Dylan Farrow: But Whom You Believe Depends on Which Story You Recognize "Those of us who have been forced to personally cope with powerful men behaving badly are certain that the accusers in these situations are worth listening to... There are many women like us working in media, but we’re outnumbered — or definitely outranked — by men who are inclined to relate to the experience of being accused."