BOYS WILL BE BOYSThe Montana state Justice Department has a BIG problem with its treatment of sexual assaults. From quoting bible verses at victims (and not in a comforting 'love thy neighbor' way), to dismissing the rape of a 5 year old girl with a claim of "Boys will be boys."

UNJUSTIFIED: Jessica Williams on the Michael Dunn trial "The Dunn verdict is really the cherry on top of the shit sundae that is black history month."

CAN WENDY DAVIS HAVE IT ALL? Although that headlines makes me want to set something on fire, this is a pretty good overview of Davis' achievements as a legislator so far, and the unjust scrutiny she faces as a female democrat in a deep red state. Also worth a read, this analysis on how the personal and family lives of women politicians are STILL subject to a ridiculous level of scrutiny.

THE DARK POWER OF FRATERNITIES A (long) but interesting peek into the organizations that were the starting place of an obscene number of CEOs, senators, and presidents. Also, this undeniable gem of historic douche-baggery: An 1857 letter that a Sigma Phi member named Jenkins Holland sent to one of his fraternity brothers suggests the new system was already hitting full stride: “I did get one of the nicest pieces of ass some day or two ago.”

HOW NOT TO GET RAPED According to major media outlets: Wear a jumpsuit, don't get drunk, make eye contact, don't make eye contact, be escorted by a dog at all times.