WEEKEND RAGE READS: From Eve to the Oscars.

Quantifying the Oscar's Woman Problem"I decided to cross-reference 80-plus years of data on acting nominations and best picture nods to see if any patterns emerged. The gender differences were surprisingly distinct... Films with meaty roles for women are, by and large, considered lower caliber by the Academy."

Conservative Christianity & Victim Blaming Explained "Fundamentalist Christianity is positively obsessed with the idea that female sexuality is the source most of the nation’s woes...When you see sex as the problem, it becomes hard to see rape as anything but another sexual sin. If you see women as the controllers of sex and the people who have the responsibility of enforcing chastity, then the natural conclusion is that rape is caused by women."

Texas' New Abortion Law Causes Women to go to Extremes Women are crossing state lines, turning to illegal alternatives, AND due to a lack of clear guidelines, clinics are turning away women who qualify for legal abortions, because they are so scared of breaking the law. Editor's note: HUGE SURPRISE!

How Tennessee Could Turn Rape into an 'Invisible Crime' Protecting the identities of rape victims from the media prevents harassment and shaming by peers and the community, but does it make an already underrepresented crime disappear further from public view? This is tricky issue, what do you think?

Is Non-Monogomy Right for You? Leave it to Rookie Mag to post one of the first and only sensible, non-judgmental explorations into this important issue of modern love.