By MadelynBreaking Glass (Brian Gibson, 1980)

The Brooklyn Academy of Music is home to some really great programming, like this past winter's "Vengence is Hers" which featured tales of badass heroines seeking revenge. This month there is a new line up of films: Punk Rock Girls. Outspoken women with insanely awesome haircuts scream singing over crunchy guitars about sticking it to the man? Be still my heart, this series was made for Maddd Grrrls!

A few of us went last night to the opening screening of Breaking Glass, a high-impact, low-budget British "rock opera" from 1980 that depicts London's post-punk scene. The heroine, played by the intense, ever-vivid Hazel O'Connor, garners attention for her progressive political lyrics, and has to fight the man (in the form of managers, police, agents, and mansplainey bassists) to retain control over her work. O'Connor wrote and performed the entire soundtrack, which sounds kind of like a demented version of early Blondie... and its catchy as hell.

There's plenty of awesome movies playing at BAM through June 1st. I propose a meet up for the screening of Times Square, next Wednesday.

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