We are MAD. Really fucking mad.

Its 2014 and the cops are still telling us how to dress when we walk the streets of our own neighborhoods. Politicians are doing everything they can to take away the rights that our foremothers fought so hard for. Shit bags on the news are quick to remind us that we are just “stupid sluts” anytime we dare to express our opinion. On top of all this, prominent women are publicly declaring that they don’t identify as feminists, and the ones that do are told that they are not the “right kind” of feminist.

Behind nearly every movie, every TV show, every newspaper column, every fucking Presidential address there is a man’s voice telling us what to do, how to act, where to go and where not to. But mostly they are telling us to just shut the fuck UP.


Our anger is VALID. Our anger is JUSTIFIED. Our anger is NECESSARY. No one is going to invite us to the conversation, so we are forcing our way in. She who yells the loudest wins the war, so we are going to grab the fucking microphone and scream until we are HEARD.

MADDD GRRRL is here to be your megaphone. We rally around the “angry feminist” trope because sometimes that’s the only kind of feminist we can be. We are fighting against the dominant voice of the patriarchy. We’re spamming their newsfeed. We’re throwing elbows. We are taking over their board rooms, and we’re taping over their sexist advertisements. We are taking the torch from the suffragettes, the freedom fighters, the speakers, the writers and the riot grrrls who came before us, and we are going to finish the job.

These "pages" hold the passion, talent, and rage of women (and, ok, some boys) who have something to say and deserve to be heard. Read it, enjoy it, share it, and join us.