MADDDGRRRL is zine that's all about expressing your righteous feminist rage.

Some background: I have a lot of anger. Mostly about things I can't control; like politics, rape culture, or the lack of three dimensional female characters in most of the movies I see. Its no secret that this country is backsliding on women's rights. In 2013, to mark the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, 22 states passed laws restricting access to abortion. Just this summer a prominent New York Times columnist published an op-ed that called abortion "barbarism" but didn't say the word "women" a single time. It's totally fine for Actual Serious Presidential Candidates to say that he doesn't think we need to spend any money on women's healthcare, or to accuse Megan Kelly of being on her period (and only ONE of those things came out of Donald Trump's mouth).  Last week at the gym some random dude commented on my leg hair.

This shit pisses me off.

I used to wish I could get rid of this anger, maybe channel it into yoga or something... but fuck that. I'm going to stay angry and I think you should too.

Send me a scribble, a story, a collage, a doodle, or a rant that shows your rage.

Thank you, and stay pissed.